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懒妈妈煮饭囖! Lazy mom cooking lor !

綠/紅豆湯西米 Green/Red Bean soup with sago 

Hot weather must have dessert ! Easy as always – 3 steps,  1) boil water with/without Pandan leaf  (either in pot or slow cooker) 2L for me 😍 2) put … Continue reading

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蜂蜜柠檬 Honey Lemon Slice (lemonade)

Ingredient :- 1) 5 lemon 2) 500g Honey 3) a jar that’s it !   Method ? 1) hot water clean the jar, air it til dry 2) slice the … Continue reading

26/06/2014 · 5 Comments

清汤糖水 cheng Teng

This is real yummy dessert that I learned from a dear friend – Judy. Ingredients : 1) Longan – 250g 2) Barley – 500g 3) Gingko Nuts – 1 tin … Continue reading

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自制豆花♥Homemade Beancurd (Tao Hui)

learned it last christmas from old pal Cannie Yong, oh boy, its easy and its yummy ! 225g 225g 100g With 3L water. 6g Easy ! Try it yourself ♥ … Continue reading

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薄饼馅 Popiah stuffing (KUEH PATI / DEEP-FRIED POPIAH)

How to do Popiah stuffing ? hey, my dear new found foodmate Judy Tan taught me on Christmas day ! Ingredient :- 2 Yam Bean (Bangkuang / 沙葛 ) 1 carrot 2 … Continue reading

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凤梨(菠萝)球变成凤梨挞^^ Golden Pineapple balls becomes pineapple tarts^^

Golden Pineapple balls becomes pineapple tarts^^ Wanted to try easy way out to bake Pineapple tart, so i browse thru a few blogs/books, oh well, over excited with kiddos and … Continue reading

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苹果燕麦松饼 muffin apple & oatmeal

Muffin Apple & Oatmeal (in 2005) whew…so hot… yummy…..  Today we had a great fun time together making Apple & Oatmeal Muffin. Ingredients ? 150g unsalted butter 100g icing sugar 150g cake flour … Continue reading

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菊花茶Chrysanthemum Drinks

Chrysanthemum Drinks kiddos always love home cook dessert / herbal drinks. this is easily made 1. buy a packet from supermarket / any chinese herbal shop 2. buy Rock sugar … Continue reading

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