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懒妈妈煮饭囖! Lazy mom cooking lor !

芒果蛋糕 Mango cake

6 mango $6.00 10 Eggs $1.50 200g Butter $2.30 X 2 Plain Floor $1.60 200ml Whipped cream X4 $10 1 pack gelatine $1.30 1) base use the basic cake recipes … Continue reading

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烤蘑菇芝士纱布纱布 Baked Shabu Shabu mushrooms cheese

30/3/2017 – 8pm 🍖🍗🍄🍖🍗🍄🍖🍗🍄 蘑菇$1.75 – mushrooms  芝士5片$0.50 – cheese 纱布纱布$6.80 – Shabu Shabu  烤20分钟😱😱😱😱😱 baked 20mins 来不及拍照哇🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Gone…..! Not in time to snap a photo 😳

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綠/紅豆湯西米 Green/Red Bean soup with sago 

Hot weather must have dessert ! Easy as always – 3 steps,  1) boil water with/without Pandan leaf  (either in pot or slow cooker) 2L for me 😍 2) put … Continue reading

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圣诞水果蛋糕 X’mas Fruit cake

X’mas Fruit cake – (base Orange butter cake) 200gm – butter 100gm – castor sugar (original recipes 200gm ) 1 tsp – vanilla 5 eggs – separated 150gm – flour … Continue reading

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糖葡萄干面包 Sugar Raisin Bun 2015

   Sugar Raisin rolls 320g High protein flour 80g plain flour 16g milk powder 80g caster sugar 180g COLD water 1 egg 5g yeast 1tsp salt Raisin depends on your … Continue reading

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纸尿片种花记! Planting with DIAPERS !

After read my secondary school teacher Pn Norlin Low post on Facebook, I’m really eager to try this out. Well being a KIASU SINGAPOREAN, I bought adult diapers instead of … Continue reading

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三文鱼/硅鱼烤饭 Baked Salmon rice

Cooked rice. Tomato mushrooms sauce. Cheese slices. Thick salmon steak. Bake in 200’c 20mins. Woohoooooo ♡

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Broccoli Salad 西兰花沙拉

Ingredients : Broccoli, cocktail nuts, Kraft Mayonnaise and raisins !       Method : 1 ) cut brocolli into the above shapes 2) boil the broccoli not more than 5mins … Continue reading

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who is cooking :O

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