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懒妈妈煮饭囖! Lazy mom cooking lor !

About Leesa Lazy Mom…

2013-04-22 19.24.58a

Lazy mom at age 38, since 1997 with helper maid from Indonesia/Philippines/Myanmar.

This year 2013 June onwards, maidless… world war 4 in my house ! Endure !

##my favourite is travel the world in slow and easy pace, there is another travel blog Leesaichyfeetnmouth, it is my travel photos itinerary, personal reflection and practical recommendations. Created in Sept 2013 to share my experiences across the globe. Check it out !

I love to take photos, free and easy travel, love food :p, lets explore to this wonderful world !

start to blog since 2006* @ Leesaichyfeetnmouth blogger
Me : Leesa Pillai
Where am i now : Singapore
Job : Housewife / Property salesperson (Leesa8.com) / ex-Prison Officer
Love : Travel, Reading, Knitting, Baking
About me ? love to let pictures speak rather than words.

need to ask me?
Email : sellbag@gmail.com
Tweeter : leesapillai
Facebook : ichyfeet


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who is cooking :O

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