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圣诞水果蛋糕 X’mas Fruit cake

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X’mas Fruit cake – (base Orange butter cake)

200gm – butter

100gm – castor sugar (original recipes 200gm )

1 tsp – vanilla

5 eggs – separated

150gm – flour

50gm – milk powder

1.5 tsp – baking powder

Rind of 1 orange

6 tbsp – orange juice

Sift flour,bp and milk powder


1)Cream butter, sugar, vanilla till light

 2)Add egg yolks one by one

 3)Add rind

 4)Fold in flour and orange juice alternately

 5)Whisk whites tll fluffy and fold into batter

6) place slice fruits wedges of your liking on top, gently press it. (drain the canned fruits as dry as possible)

  1. 170’c  – 10 minutes (cupcakes)
  1. 140’c – 40 minutes or till cooked (cake)

7) sprinkle castor sugar & decorate it, Merry Christmas !

note : its so moist til i cannot forget and must learn from my secondary school teacher Pn Norlin Low Yok Lin, please try it ! Facebook 2015 Dec.


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