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金枪鱼面包 Tuna Bread 2015


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Tuna Bread 

320g High protein flour

80g plain flour

16g milk powder

80g caster sugar

180g COLD water

1 egg

5g yeast

1tsp salt

170gm Tuna 1 can

40g unsalted butter

  1.  mix all ingredients except butter & yeast for 20mins.
  2. add in yeast & butter, mix well to another 20mins.
  3. cover dough with a damp cloth for 50mins, (it should be doubled in size by 50mins.)
  4. divide dough in 25g each, roll it with desire amount of tuna, brush with egg coating or without egg wash.
  5. bake in preheated 170’c oven for 15mins.

Enjoy ! 🎉🍞

Basic bread recipes credit to Jesslyn Go, Ciril Hitz.


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