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草莓瑞士卷 Strawberry swiss roll

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草莓瑞士卷 Strawberry swiss roll (this recipes make 3)

200gm – butter

100gm – castor sugar (original recipes 200gm )

1 tsp – vanilla

4 eggs – separated (original recipes 5 eggs)

150gm – flour

50gm – milk powder

1.5 tsp – baking powder

Sift flour,bp and milk powder

1)Cream butter, sugar, vanilla till light

2)Add egg yolks one by one

3)Fold in flour  

4)Whisk whites tll fluffy and fold into batter

Butter Cream (this recipes make 3)

250gm butter

120gm caster suger

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

75ml hot water

  1. beat butter and sugar til light and fluffy, stir in vanilla essence. Add in hot water, a tablespoon at a time, mix well. -credit to Kevin Chai, Elegant Swiss Roll 🙂 

Method :

1)bake the pattern (u choose whatever color u desire, add to the small amount of batter), bake for 1mins.

2)let the “1” cool, pour in the rest of the batter, thin layer as need to roll it later. Bake for

  • 170’c  – 10 minutes (cupcakes)

3)let the “2” cool.

4)apply the butter cream, drain the canned fruits/fresh fruits, lay nicely as pictures show.

5)roll up, set in fridge for 4 hours.

note : its so moist til i cannot forget and must learn from my secondary school teacher PnLow Yok Lin, please try it ! i bake this recipes since 2013, tried it out with 18 ! yes 18 cakes during CNY, many have suffer hahaha to test it, now, hey, perfect to my liking ! Practice made perfect ! (Posted to FB Baking Corner 15/8/14 for orange cake, 18/9/14 this recipes)


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