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懒妈妈煮饭囖! Lazy mom cooking lor !

纸尿片种花记! Planting with DIAPERS !


After read my secondary school teacher Pn Norlin Low post on Facebook, I’m really eager to try this out. Well being a KIASU SINGAPOREAN, I bought adult diapers instead of children’s lah :p


Tada ! HUGE !


After 15 cups of the tap water, curiosity didn’t stop here ! Cut open it and wow !!! Really look like what show in the Facebook ★★★★★


Next step mix with my soils, play with my kiddos sand toy :p to scoop the soil mix with the diapers something something.






the youtube shared link :

Diapers Help your plant : http://youtu.be/sXb8rJ8Rm3I


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