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薄饼馅 Popiah stuffing (KUEH PATI / DEEP-FRIED POPIAH)

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How to do Popiah stuffing ? hey, my dear new found foodmate Judy Tan taught me on Christmas day !

Ingredient :-

  1. 2 Yam Bean (Bangkuang / 沙葛 )
  2. 1 carrot
  3. 2 whole garlic
  4. 1 cup of dry shrimps (hay bee)
  5. pepper / light sauce to taste
  6. chicken stock cube half

to prepare

  1. cut Yam Bean/carrot into mini slices that the shape can be stuff into the Kueh Pati
  2. blend the garlic and shrimps
  3. heat up the non stick pan with a spoon of veges/olive oil
  4. stir fry the garlic til fragrance
  5. scoop up the garlic for later use
  6. continue to use the oil to fry the Yam Bean
  7. add in the carrot
  8. add in shrimps / pepper / light sauce / chicken stock to taste
  9. slow cook for 2 hours or you may transfer it to slow cooker.

Ta da !

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