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懒妈妈煮饭囖! Lazy mom cooking lor !

炖牛肉 Beef stew

no time to cook ? (my kiddos complaining long didnt eat beef ._.lll)  try this 30mins ready to serve dish, Tada !

ingredient :

  1. 1kg packet frozen beef (marinated with a pinch of salt)
  2. 1 packet 6 large onion, cut half (due to no one like to eat the after cooked onion)
  3. 1 packet carrot (cut to 4-5 each)
  4. 8-10 medium tomatoes
  5. 3-5 potatoes

to prepare :

boil 3L water, put in 1-5,  Simmer小火煮 1 hour, Tada !

Eat with toast bread / baguette 法国面包 / rice, ohhhhh yummy !

2013-11-05 11.35.52

2013-11-05 11.29.43

fc102-2013-09-1813-35-13a 005c3-2013-09-1813-35-34a

2013-11-05 11.29.14

Before, later i post up the after cook photo…if there is ! usually the aroma will cover the whole house oh so nice, all vulture秃鹫 will be on standby mode !

2013-11-05 11.35.05


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